Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here are some pics I took of my boys, and my attempt to edit them. (thanks to Mandi for spending hours showing me how and answering my million and one questions, and Katie for introducing me to noiseware, which I was able to download for free and salvage my two favorite pictures!) I have a new respect for those who can take good pictures. Brenden would not stay in one spot for anything, so I was always trying to follow him around and take what I could. Austin, well, he only knows how to give the "chandler" smile, and "girls have poopy pants" was only funny so many times. Then getting their picture together, well forget that! Mandi and Katie, I would love it if you commented or emailed me anything you would do differently, so the next time I take pictures (which will be a verrrry long time from now) will be better!