Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This is our all-nighter on steriods! Gone are the days where we are locked in the gym and eventually fall asleep watching a movie...We invite churches all over the area, have a BIG service. Jared Hall, the illusionist, and Scott Anderson entertained the teens and gave them the word of God. Our very own teenagers, along with Mike, Mischelle, and Dannielle, did the music, and let me tell you, it was awesome. I even got teary-eyed because I was just so proud of them! And realizing that this is our last event with our seniors, and they are pretty special because they have been with us since they were freshmen. I just love them...okay I am done with my moment. We then went bowling, Incredible Pizza, and Ice skating. Got back to the church at 6:30. I crawled into bed around 9:30. I know you are asking, where were my kids. I heard them every now and then in my dreams, I guess they fended for themselves, even Brenden. I did wake up and find crackers all over the living room, and to Austin making his own lunch... :) I am such a good mom ;)

Ashlee painted this during the song, Jesus Paid it All! It was amazing. and kudos to her because she tried to pencil in the picture to make sure it turned out right, and the board was turned sideways....She is soooo good!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My sister requested the pictures that I took while I was in Corpus(she is still ordering me around ;) And putting them on my blog is so much easier than emailing....So here you go Shannon, I love you!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Better Late Than Never, Right?
Merry Christmas! This Christmas was so much fun with the two boys! First I have to say, I have never claimed to be a big Santa person, and didn't really want to do it with my kids, but their dad did, so okay. Well, this year Austin knew he was getting a transformer for Christmas, why? because he asked Santa for it. So wouldn't you know that all the stores were sold out, and I had to get on ebay and pay twice as much so he wouldn't be disappointed in Santa. So I guess I am now a Santa person after all :) Austin also got a hamster, "George" which is so cute, and both the boys got a trampoline. I love it when they are old enough, that I can enjoy their presents. Of course, me and trampolines don't do well together, some of you know why :) We also drove to Texas to see my family! I miss them sooooo much! We were very sad to leave!

Brenden wanting me to take his picture. Where was this when I tried 3 different times to get a good picture for the Christmas card???
Me and my oldest nephew, Brandon. He loves me :)
Shannon, my older, and much wiser sister (you and your B :)
Austin and Kailynn are only one month apart, and they are pretty much inseparable when we visit, and I don't think they ever fought!!
Matt (my 9 year old nephew, he also loves me :) and Jeff running football plays.