Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We went over to our friend Katie's house for the holiday. Jeff was in Costa Rica so it was just me and the kids (we missed you Jeff!). They had the best backyard, I felt like I should pay to get in :) The kids had a blast. Austin's favorite thing was the slip n slide, he went down non-stop for hours! Brenden's favorite was of course, playing with a ball. Afterwards, we shot off some fireworks.

Brenden went down all of one time and decided it wasn't for him.

"How far can I hold this sparkler away from me, and still be brave in front of Jacob?"

Shannon-don't you think he looks a lot like Brandon in this picture??


Annie said...

Oh, what great pics!!! I love the one where Coop is getting a refreshing drink of water! :)

Katie said...

I am so glad that you guys had a good time. We enjoyed having everyone over. You captured some really good pics. I love the one with Ella on the trampoline.

Mandi said...

Just so you know... you are not forgotten and I come and check everyday just waitin' to see if your back in business :0)