Monday, July 02, 2007

More pictures from our vacation...we went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios. I always say, if you want to see the worst behaved kids, go to Disney, and we did see quite a bit!! :) But I am happy to say, the boys were actually really good! Brenden would point and laugh at EVERYTHING!! Austin liked the rides, but his favorite part would have to be meeting the Green "Inja" (ninja) Power Ranger.
The petting zoo was Brenden's favorite part (imagine that...)
The boys were so sweet in the stroller. Brenden would lay his head on Austin, and Austin would rub his back. Awww!


sandybiggs said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I want to go sooo bad. Jacob will be jealous when he sees Austin with the "minja" power ranger.
Your blog looks great. About time...ha.

Mandi said...

Hey!! Congrats and welcome to the bloggin' family!!!Looks like you guys had lots of fun!! The pics of the boys in the stroller are toooo cute! Makes me anxious for next month to get here so we can go to Cali!!!

Katie said...

Well, look who has joined the fun. The trip looked like a lot of fun. I love the one where Brendan is asleep, too cute. Looking forward to seeing more!!!