Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Austin went to the pumpkin patch for his first ever field trip. He talked about it for days, he was so excited to ride the big bus. He got to make a spider pumpkin and pick out his very own pumpkin. I had fun just watching him interact with his class. I'm glad to know that he was very social but still obeyed the teacher.

And to show that I am a good sport, and not a sore loser, I posted a picture of Austin and Jacob on gameday this year when OU won (BOOOO!) :)


Laura said...

Ah hahaha that's right Booo OU! At least it was a good game!

Mandi said...

Love the pictures, looks like Austin had lots of fun :0) And I just love those two boys, they are soooo funny together, can't wait till my Xander man is old enough for a best buddy too, they're too cute!! Boomer Sooner(it was a great game though!!)

Annie said...

Great pictures Kina! Austin looks so grown up, and he had the attention of a sweet girl, what a ladies man! GO SOONERS!

Stacy said...

How fun looks like Austin was loving it! I love that little girls face!
Sorry the Sooners won! (NOT)
Love them little boys pic of there teams!

Katie said...

Can you believe your little guy is already going on field trips?!! Looks like he had fun, even if his Mom tagged along!:) GO OU!!