Sunday, October 28, 2007


Jeff and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch to get some fall pictures. The kids were so cute and I just love watching them together. Austin is the perfect older brother, always concerned and trying to protect Brenden. And Brenden, well he was just a goofball! By the way, to get him to actually take pictures and wear his hat, we bribed him with mini m&m's. I have a few pictures (not posted) with his mouth open waiting for Jeff to put one in. Too funny!

My "cool" man!

I just love his chubby hands in this picture!

We were telling Austin to keep his eyes open and this is what Brenden would do!


Stacy said...

You have the sweetest Boys EVER! We enjoyed watching them on friday night. You are right Austin is the perfect older brother and Brendon just follows along.
Ask him to say my name Oh so SWEET!
Ok sorry love the pictures! They are so sweet.

Mandi said...

I love them Kina!! you did GREAT!! My favs are the ones with their hands on their chins and Brenden walking, his expressions crack me up!! Love the hats too, so fun :0) Great job!! And btw... Happy Birthday to You!! Love ya!!!

Taylor & Jessica said...

they are the cutest...after seeing these pics and talking to a friend at church with two boys about their age, I think I want boys!

sandybiggs said...

Those are so cute. Brendan looks more like a big boy in those pics. Such cute, I mean handsome boys!
Oh, I love the squinting eyes...too funny!

Jessica Terbrock said...

Cute pics of your handsome boys! I almost didn't recognize Brendan becuase he looks so big.

Annie said...

Seriously, great pics! Your boys are so handsome. I love them in their hats. I think the one with Brenden's hands on his cheeks is adorable, I thought I was looking at Austing at first. Brenden looks a lot like Austin in these pics.

Laura said...

Cute pics Kina! Brendon is getting so BIG! I love how they are dressed alike.