Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Better Late Than Never, Right?
Merry Christmas! This Christmas was so much fun with the two boys! First I have to say, I have never claimed to be a big Santa person, and didn't really want to do it with my kids, but their dad did, so okay. Well, this year Austin knew he was getting a transformer for Christmas, why? because he asked Santa for it. So wouldn't you know that all the stores were sold out, and I had to get on ebay and pay twice as much so he wouldn't be disappointed in Santa. So I guess I am now a Santa person after all :) Austin also got a hamster, "George" which is so cute, and both the boys got a trampoline. I love it when they are old enough, that I can enjoy their presents. Of course, me and trampolines don't do well together, some of you know why :) We also drove to Texas to see my family! I miss them sooooo much! We were very sad to leave!

Brenden wanting me to take his picture. Where was this when I tried 3 different times to get a good picture for the Christmas card???
Me and my oldest nephew, Brandon. He loves me :)
Shannon, my older, and much wiser sister (you and your B :)
Austin and Kailynn are only one month apart, and they are pretty much inseparable when we visit, and I don't think they ever fought!!
Matt (my 9 year old nephew, he also loves me :) and Jeff running football plays.


Laura said...

Oh I love the pictures Kina and I'm glad you got to see your family for the holidays. I know what it is like when it's time to leave, we all get a little sad! By the way I love... Love the Dallas Cowboy jersey your nephew is wearing! Represent The Boys! Whoo hoo!!!!! :)

Taylor & Jessica said...

Taylor and I also have the Santa vs. no-Santa debate for our future kids. Taylor & Santa will probably win in our family, too. So...why again do you not like trampolines? Haven't heard that one...

Stacy said...

Personally I don't have a problem with Santa but my mouth can't keep quite.
I been wanted to tell you your Christmas card was my favoirte I loved that picture. And we never get the smile when we want it!
I want to hear the trampoline story too.
Miss you

Jessica Terbrock said...

Looks like you guys had a blast....Is that Daisy with Brenden?

Ashlee Osborn said...

I would kill for Austin's eyelashes in that first picture. Could he and Brenden be any cuter? I think not.