Saturday, July 19, 2008


Buying passes for $20 was the best thing we could do! We go at least once a week and the kids love it. The first 3 times, was a little frustrating because Austin wanted to only hang out in the toddler area, and Brenden wouldn't go down any of the kiddie slides, unless me and my fat pregnant self went with him, and that was no easy task. Well, the fourth time is a charm. (and Jeff went with us, and he has a way of persuading the kids to do things.) Austin finally went down the slides, rock climbing wall, diving platform, and master blaster. Not without, earning a toy and a snowcone in the process. We had to resort to bribery. BUT here are some pictures of his success!
I love that he really didn't climb, and he is already holding his nose.

A little better the second time around.

I am happy to report Brenden now does all the slides, and I don't even have to stand at the bottom!! I can now sit and be lazy! :)
All of my favorite boys!!

Introducing my cute little niece who joined us at Big Splash, Callie. (not to be confused with my other niece, also, Kallie, but who is 5 years old :)

Also, in case you are wondering about my whole bedding fun. I went to buy the blue star one. When I saw it in person, though, it just looked really cheap for some reason. Wrinkled, thin, strings already coming out of the quilt on display. So I spent the next 2 hours, trying to decide what to do. I finally came home with a bedding set that wasn't on my blog, and I ordered the Jungle one with circles (#2, and Jeff's favorite), so they are both now in the room and I am trying to decide which one I like better. Thanks for all the help!!!!! In case you were wondering, my favorite was #3.


Mandi said...

I love these pictures Kina!! Those are some great action shots!! I'm really liken the boys' faces right before they hit the water from the slides!! Priceless!!! Looks like LOTS of fun and we'll def. be purchasing those $20 passes this next time around :0)

LaUrA said...

FuN! Love the pictures!!

Pambo said...

I love the pics of the kids. The look on Austin's face when he's coming off the slide is so funny! I also like that after keeping us in suspense all this time, you chose a completely different bedding set! So fun! Can't wait to see pics of the new stuff. I'm with Ashlee, I love that light fixture in picture #3.

sandybiggs said...

Oh, Callie is a beautiful baby!
And I love Austin's face coming off the big can see the terror.

Noe Family said...

They look great! I miss you guys! Callie with a C is adorable.

Stacy said...

Great pictures Kina! You do have the cutest boys!
I do like number 3 bedding too! Can't wait to hear which one you pick out.
So do you want to head to big splash again this friday? I am hoping Sandy can make again too!
Very pretty niece you guys have.
I forgot to ask are you watching Big Brother?

Amy Wolfe said...

The picture of Jeff with the boys was precious. It somehow makes him look sweet. :) Now where is that maternity photo of you?...

Taylor & Jessica said...

Dang I thought I was indecisive! The nursery'll be cute, I'm sure, no matter what! Big Splash sounds like a blast! The highlight of the past month of my life was going swimming @ a friend's house! It was soooo nice to NOT be hot for once, and I felt like I didn't have a big belly! So those $20 passes would totally be worth it!

Annie said...

Cool pictures, I wish I could bribe Lily to go down some of the slides. I know she would love them. Your niece is beautiful, can't wait to see yours!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the three guys together is so cute. Totally frameworthy.

Mom said...

8x10 of Jeff & Boys would really look good on my wall. ( : ( :
Black and white.
Priceless. And he still has room for a third one...right there on the left. I must say, you have some good looking men in your life.