Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long Overdue!!

Here are pictures that my good friend, Katie, took for me. She is an amazing photographer, and of course, I think my kids are gorgeous.

I will be ordering these pics soon, so.....tell me what pictures you want and what sizes. Any picture that you want, I can change to black & white, vintage, or just leave in color. You tell me! :) You can either email me or leave a comment....

Photobucketvintage example









Katie put these in "real" vintage, aren't they so cool?? I don't have that capability. So don't ask me to do that in any of the other pictures, but you can order these :)


And if I recall correctly, Katie, wasn't it a cloudy day??? I love the bright blue sky in all the pictures. You are the best!


Annie said...

Oh Kina, your boys are gorgeous! I LOVE these pics!! Super cute, good luck choosing your favorites, I had a hard time, I love them all!

Pambo said...

Wouldn't be able to choose - I would have to have all of them. They are really good. Katie knows her stuff. I really like the vintage thing she did. Super cool.

LaUrA said...

I love them all! You have such cute boys!!!

Mandy said...

Oh my, those are awesome, I really looovvveee the ones of them together. It makes me so jealous because my boys act like complete goof balls when Aunt Kaykay tries to take their pictures!

Stacy said...

Oh Kina how can you choose they are all so AWESOME and yes you have some handsome boys there!
Yes Katie rocks!

Ashlee G. Osborn said...

Cute overload! Katie did a great job, as usual, and her subjects are just adorable.

Mom said...

So many choices and so little wall. I think we need a bigger house because I want to display them all. Will get with you on our choices. I need a bigger "Grandma Brag Book". ( :


sandybiggs said...

Kina, those all look so good. Your boys look so handsome!
And Katie did a great helps to have such cute subjects!

The Slaydens said...

ok, seriously, those pics are too cute...makes me want to buy some for myself...ha ha!!! katie did a GREAT job, but had some cute subjects!!!