Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome Casen Blake!!

Casen made his appearance October 10 at 1:46 am. He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz, and was 20 1/4" long. That's the short version, for the long version read on (if you haven't already heard it).
Beware, it's long!
Thursday night Jeff, Kylie and I were upstairs just talking for a couple of hours. We kept telling Kylie she needed to get home before she got in trouble (but I am glad she didn't listen to us.) At 11:30, I felt this pop in my stomach, a really weird feeling, and my pants started filling up, Jeff was very happy that I was sitting on a leather chair. We got in labor mode. Told Jeff to pack the car, get Austin's stuff ready for school tomorrow, and I jumped in the shower. At 12:15, I started timing my contractions because they were pretty painful and they were coming 2 minutes apart!! Jeff jumped in the shower, ironed only one side of his shorts, because I told him we HAD to go!! We get to the hospital a little before one. Iwas taken to the exam room to be asked a million questions. I was 4 cm. 15 minutes later, they took me to my room for more paperwork, which I couldn't finish, and I asked them to check me again. I was in ALOT of pain and the contractions were coming really fast. She checked me and I was an 8!!! IN 15 MINUTES!! So, they called my doctor, and got me ready to deliver. If things weren't crazy enough, Casen's heartrate took a large descent to the 60's and the room filled up with nurses. I put on an oxygen mask and had to keep changing positions, and was praying in my head really hard that he would be okay!! I kept looking to Jeff, who was the absolute best coach, and kept telling me it was all okay! My doctor came, I had to push! As she was putting on her gown and gloves, I pushed once, out came his head, and twice, here came his body!! It happened soooo fast, and it was so wonderful!! (so fast, we have no video and hardly any pictures). The reason for his heartrate decrease was 3 fold, the cord was wrapped around his neck, he went so fast down the birth canal, and he had a "true knot" in his cord. This is the reason that some babies are stillborn, so we are thanking God for our little miracle!! Casen is absolutely amazing. I am so glad we are now home, and we have our 3 boys!! Life is great!

Here is the knot in his cord....

Some people look really beautiful when they give birth! That would not be me, but I am not ashamed to show you what I look like in labor! It's hard work....I am ALMOST proud :)



Austin and Brenden LOVE him!! They both love to touch him and hold him, and Brenden hasn't shown any signs of jealousy!





The Slaydens said...

and on top of you having the cutest boys in the world, and a miracle baby (really!!! that's what Geoff said when he saw the cord!!!), Texas was ranked 1st after they trashed OU!!! so, congratulations...i cannot wait to see him when i am there in a week or so! love ya!!!

Pambo said...

Well, that baby is beautiful. I have had the best time this weekend! Dannielle had her baby at church today and she's gorgeous, my nephew, Josh and his wife Katie, had their baby (Caleb and he's absolutely stunning he's so cute) Saturday night and you had yours and have already blogged about him. IMPRESSIVE! I had Austin tell the class about his new baby brother and he told everyone about the umbilical cord and everything. He is one good big brother. Love the photo of Austin and Casen. So precious. You know, he's such a great boy. I love him to pieces and can't wait to have all the Smith boys in my Sunday School class. Oh, and you are beyond beautiful when you're in labor. Nobody should look that good. You put every one else to shame. Congrats.

LaUrA said...

Kina, He is so sweet and I just loved holding him! That definitely makes me want another one:) I love the picture of the five of you and especially love Austin's Texas gear!!

Stacy said...

Kina you look beautiful! Casen is so handsome and I can't wait to come hold him again and play with Austin and Brendan.
What a wonderful family 1 Gal and 4Boys!! Love ya girl and I am so glad he is here healthy and all!

sandybiggs said...

You look wonderful (I forgot to tell you that Friday)!!
Casen is so sweet and I love the pic of your three boys!

-Billy said...

Wow you have a baby. I liked hearing you and Jeff’s voices on the video. The pic of you after im not going to lie you look pretty ruff but you clean it up a few down.

Bekah said...

He is so adorable....I praise God that he is doing great and that you are well.

Annie said...

What a sweet little miracle! I am so glad he is here and healthy and that you are doing great. You look gorgeous and your family is just too beautiful, now Lily and Ruby will have three Smith boys to chose from!!! :)

twingrlsplus1 said...

I love the 1st family pic of you guys!! What a beautiful family you have. Casen is just too cute, all your little guys are. Kina you look so great, congrats!!!

Amy Wolfe said...

CONGRATS! I am so happy for you. You look amazing, as usual. You make mommy-hood look easy. Welcome to a wonderful family, Casen. :)

Ashlee G. Osborn said...

Congratulations! That is crazy and scary that the cord was in a knot. Glad to know everyone is healthy and beautiful. Love the picture of all 3 boys, so cute!